Creepy clowns: Louisiana teens arrested for wearing clown mask amid U.S. clown terror – TomoNews

RACELAND, LOUISIANA — Two high school pranksters were arrested for wearing a clown mask on Tuesday as the clown panic frenzy gripping the nation hit dizzying new levels of hysteria.

The two 17-year-old students felt the long arm of Louisiana law after they took turns wearing the mask while driving around Central Lafourche High School in Raceland, ABC affiliate KATC reported.

Students Jordan Boudreaux and Taylor Defelice were charged with breaking a state law that bans the wearing of a mask in public outside of certain holidays.

Probably fearing for their lives, other students reported the pair of jokers for the heinous crime. The two boys were charged with one count each for wearing a mask in public.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre said the cops had already issued a warning that “creepy clown” activity would not be tolerated, adding that criminal charges would be laid against any jesters who “terrorize” the community.

Seems like clown hysteria will reach new heights over the coming weeks in the lead up to Halloween. Some costume stores report a 300 percent rise in the sale of clown masks as jokesters ride the wave of creepy clown headlines, Fox 8 reported.

Sure, clowns may look a bit unsettling, but there’s nothing to be scared of about a couple of kids wearing a mask.

The ability of so-called creepy clowns to terrorize us is a result of our own willingness to invest in our fears. Maybe it’s time for everyone to calm down and see all this clowning around for the harmless joke it really is.

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