Cities, towns up security following ‘creepy clown’ social media

“Creepy clown” posts on social media are causing concerns at schools and public locations across the state.

Police in Naugatuck are stepping up patrols at all 11 schools in town on Tuesday morning following threats involving clowns on social media.

The threats came after disturbing reports of clown sightings in a number of communities across Connecticut and the nation.

Naugatuck police believe the posts are not credible but said they are extremely disturbing. That’s why the department is taking every precaution to make sure students are safe.

Investigators said they saw two recent posts that threatened schools. One had a picture of a clown and read “lock your doors, which school wants to go first?”

In New Haven, four menacing photos were posted on the school district’s social media account telling Hill Regional Career High School to “watch out.”

Police said they are interviewing students regarding the posts.

The district’s director of security is encouraging schools to ban clown costumes and any symbols of terror.

At Quinnipiac University in Hamden, school officials said the public safety office reviewed a few calls from students who say they saw a clown on campus. Officers did not see anyone suspicious.

There have also been reports of sightings at the Meriden Green, but police did not find anything there either.


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